Wednesday, 23 March 2011


I’m all alone inside here
Thrown away like an empty can
If love is love until we know everything about each other
Then let us stay together and forever
Until the world come to an end, we won’t be apart
I wished it for countless days
Why does the past destroy everything?
Even the worn-out heart that shines?
Melancholically thoughts...on this tragic day

My poem...

What am I thinking?
The bright sun shines on my back,
In this town I run through,
In this busy moment of my life, I take it easy
And once again I feel tap on my shoulder,
The rain reminds me
You’re the one I really like
There is no reason
There’s no way you’ll be beside me,
I don’t know when, but my eyes were locked on you, and that’s how its all began,
I won’t let go, I won’t change my mind, because I’m crazy for you..

I want to shout that I like you, let’s try to change tomorrow
I want to put an end to the times i couldn’t speak
I feel want to shout that I like you so much and step forward with confidence
These burning feelings,
I want you to catch..