Monday, 25 April 2011


think of the things that make you happy,
not the things that make you sad..

think of the truth in mankind,
and think of the blessings that surround you,
not the ones that are denied..

think of the future that lies b4 u,
not the past that lies behind,
think of the treasure you have gathered
not the one you have failed to find..

think of the serving yourself alone
not of servicing self alone
think of the happiness of others
and in this you’ll find your own..

Human Relations

the 6 most important words : I admit I made a mistake..
the 5 most important words : you did a good job..
the 4 most important words : what is your opinion?
the 3 most important words : if you please..
the 2 most important words : thank you..
the one most important words : we
the least important words : I

Sunday, 3 April 2011

For Me?

Pay attention in class, turn pressure into encouragement.
It is important to study smart because it will be useful in the future..

Life does not have to be perfect, to be wonderful..
so much has been given to me,
I have to time to ponder over that which has been denied..

The curious paradox is that when I accept myself just as I am, then I can change it..


Life is like a book,
every joy and sorrow is a new chapter,
every chapter is full of lots of adventures, tales and memories.

the memories in the book,
one of the most important chapters,
without friendship, there's no complete book,
without friendship, there's no complete adventures,
without friendship, there's no complete tale,
so, make a friend who will give you all of them,
to make you book complete..

Being a Teenager

The happiest time in one's life is being a teenager
because we are half an adult and half child
we can still play and have fun,
and enjoy the setting sun..

that is the time we mix around with friends,
knowing the world is not about to end
before this, school is the place where friendship we all share
plus, it is one of the best places to make friend of different races

so, enjoy life as a teenager today for the future is hard to understand
try to cherish life in every way for at this place we still can..