Friday, 6 May 2011

True Friend

My dearest friends, 
Do you still remember..
Each memory we spend together, 
Either sweet or bitter,
Sometimes I did hurt your feeling, 
I just said “sorry”...

The sincerity of our friendship,
No one can let us down,
Cause u gave me strength, through your heart,
But so fast..time slipped away,
 I don’t wanna be alone..
But how?  
How are you gone, before that..
I just wanna tell you, that you’re my true friend..

Do Not Give Up

Life is not smooth-sailing, with bells always ringing,
It has its ups and downs, and its smiles and frowns..
Not all days are sunny and bright, few things are achieved overnight,
To attain what is good and right, u need to struggle with your might..
When things turn out wrong, don’t think all is gone,
When things become rough, it’s time you turn rough..
There is no success without failure, hardship and pain you have to endure,
When you fall or get hit, do not give up or quit..