Thursday, 3 February 2011

Memorable moments...

   In this page, I want to share with all the readers about my unforgettable holidays.   This year, I chose one of unforgettable holidays that is, when I went to 3 days 2 night camp at Teluk Dalam Resort, Pulau Pangkor. 
This camp is organized by UiTM Students Affairs (HEP).  I have choose this holiday as the memorable holiday because I have gone through lots of fun moments.

   On the first day, I met few friends from UiTM Penang, Kedah and Perlis. Then, the programme begins with each of the participants were divided into ten groups and we were given a topic for each group.

 We had to present our group topic “University Election”.

On the first day, all presentations from each group are fabulous because they showed their ability in group work and how they brainstorming to confess their ideas. The presentations ends at 6.30 p.m. 

   On the second day, we were having an outdoor activities. My group members started the activities by playing games namely, spirit of water, flying fox, traffic jam, tarantula, treasure hunt, and spider web.

   By doing these activities, I can see that we have the group work abilities such as helping each other, tolerate, and we enjoyed those precious moments. Although we were exhausted, we still energetic to do the next activities that is jungle trekking and water rafting. 
   During jungle trekking,   I can see that each members in my group showed their positive attitude that is caring, willing to help others who in need and patiently wait for other members to climb up the hill.  On the other hand, during water rafting, my group members were excited when propel a raft by using oars.


 We started to sing a song, laughing and enjoy the scenery of the sea.  After arrived on land, we returned to our room and get prepared ourselves because we had to perform during ‘BBQ Memory Night’. 

   My group members perform a popular song, original sang by Aizat AF entitiled “Hanya Kau Yang Mampu”.
Five persons who were responsible to perform the song during the BBQ night were Amirul, Qaiyum, Fydh, Arif and Akmal.  I am very satisfied with their performance even though it was a last minute preparations.:)

 The BBQ dinner ends at 11.30 p.m.

 On the third day, we need to present our last presentation that is represent our manifesto for each of UiTM campus branches. 

Then, after having lunch, we were waiting for the ferry to went back to our campus.
 It was very awesome to get to know a lot of friends, having fun together and always keep in touch.
I am really hope that all of us will meet again soon. :)

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