Saturday, 9 October 2010


The most challenge day for students is examination. The examination season during each semester is very stressful for students like me. I have to sacrifice simple pleasures such as sleeping, shopping, listening to music, chatting, and even taking naps when there is no class in order to pass the examinations.

Some of the students succeed, but some may just get by. For example, one of my friend, she keeps saying that she felt does not want to continue further studies and she decided to fill out form to apply work under government. Although she has been going for many interviews, she still not going to give up asking for the job she likes. I was thinking for a while, why is she give up when studying and not give up when applying for the job? The answer she gave is she will only studying for examinations and will not practic the knowledge she gain. Other than that, she afraid of taking an examinations. She hopes by working, she does not have to worry about examinations and grades anymore. Bottom in my heart, I think maybe she needs tips for examination.

I keep wondering whether student like me have some tips to do well in examinations. And I finally know that the thing which is important for every student is consistency. Because of I am not so genius, I need to revise whatever subject that are taught by the lecturer daily. This will help student like me to study better. Consistent studying and revising will prevent a student from missing out important details.

The proper study environment is also important. Peace and quiet environment will enable a student to concentrate better. Besides that, joining a study group can help student maintain a good grades. Lastly, I should avoid having last minute preparations, because it can cause unwanted pressure and stress.

In conclusion, if all students know the right techniques and it will definitely can help students in an examinations.

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