Friday, 8 October 2010


When I was in first semester, I took OMT100 courses that is Personality Development taught by Miss Siti Farah Suraya. There are a lot of thing I have learn in her class. Starting from self-esteem, how to improve our self confidence and self-evaluation. We also have been taught about manner. She says that table manners are important. If we are not observe table manners, we may offend those we are eating with.

I have been taught some simple rules to remember. Firstly, when there is something on the table which I can’t reach, I should ask for it. I should say, “Could you please pass the sauce?” I was also been taught not to put my hand out in front of someone just to get food or something I want on the table.

Secondly, when eating, I should not point my cutlery at another person. This is because, I might hurt someone if I do so. Thirdly, when food is served, I should not take a lot of it. I should leave some for others. It would be much better if I offer it to my friends by asking “would you like some chicken?”.

Next, I must not to talk to others if my mouth is full of food. People will not find it attractive. Fifthly, I have been taught to discuss only pleasant topics while I was eating. Disgusting topics will make people lose their appetite. Finally, I realize that I must not lift the soup bowl to my lips, I only can drink the soup with a spoon.

Although I found that this table manners is kind of difficult, but it is important because it can help me in future especially when I faced other people from other background or when I need to meet them to have business. Who knows? I am hoping that I can practic what I have learned from her for my own benefit.


  1. Sure I think you know about the first and second picture..nice pic right?hoho~ ^_^