Saturday, 9 October 2010

RAYA 2010

Aidilfitri is a religious festival for Muslims. It is a day that has been waiting for each one of muslim’s people in this world after having 30 days fasting in Ramadhan month.  This day is very special for muslims as they can celebrate it happily with their family members after they sacrificed their hunger and thirsty in order to obey command from Allah S.W.T. (the Almighty).  

Every year, I saw veryone were busy preparing their house to look more beautiful, baking some biscuits or cookies, choosing theme colour for their Raya clothes, and much more.  While everyone busy with all of Raya preparations, I was busy packing my stuff to go back home from my campus.

 This year, all of my family celebrate Raya at my grandmother’s house at Kampung Gunong, Bachok, Kelantan Darul Naim.  One day before Raya, my elder brother preparing firewood for my father to cook lemang, my sister and I prepared ‘biskut raya’ while my little brother tidy our grandmother’s house. 

Early in the morning, my mom make some breakfast before all of our family members went to the mosque, to perform pray for the ‘Eid day.

 After went back from the mosque, all of us went to visit our late grandfather’s graveyard.  At there, we alms prayer for my his peaceful. 

Then, we went back to my grandmother’s house to gather together in one place and we had a great time together.  All of my siblings will apologize to our parents and we apologize each other starting from my elder brother until my little sister.  After that, my parents will gave each of us some money as the reward for being able to overcome tiredness during fasting month.

My mom is the best chef on that day.  She cooked a lot of delicious food such as ‘rendang’, ‘ketupat’, and much more.  

After having her delicious food, all of my siblings will snap a picture as our family collection.  Then, our relatives came to the house and enjoy eating the food. All of us were laughing, chatting and having a good time together.  I am so happy when celebrate that day. I am hoping that I can celebrate Raya next year with my family members again.


  1. WHOAHAHA..EPPY EID-FITR to ya dear (=

  2. happy aidilfitri too..hoho.. (although it is late to wish already..heheh..nvm, hope we can celebrate together next year.. ^_^)