Monday, 11 October 2010

My Interest

Motorbikes, am I suppose to say 'sorry it seems to be the hardest word?'.  No, because I love motorbikes so much.  Although other people keep saying that a girl, lady or women are not suitable for the bike, for me, it is our own rights.  We deserve to like or unlike something that we honestly have interest on it. 

Sometimes, I always dream on how to ride this big bike.  For now, I am only have a B2 license.  I am wondering, when will I be able to have B full license so that I can ride the big bike too.  This is because, I  felt so jealousy when I saw my beloved father and my eldest brother ride their precious bike anytime and everywhere they go, especially when they go to their workplace, went back to 'kampung' during holiday or when all of our family had vacation.  Feel like I was so desperate and obsess to ride it. 

However, my father had told me that if I be able to graduate and have a good grades, he will give me allowances so that I can take a B full license thus, I can ride the bike legally.  While my eldest brother said that he will give his bike if I have good performs in academic and if I have good financial status in order to take a good care of the motorbike.  This is because, each of the motorbike's tyres can cause a lot money to buy it, so do the other part of it.

Like usual, I need to think deeply whether I should accept my eldest brother suggestions.  For sure, my father's offers towards me, I would not push it aside.  This is because, offer will not come often, right?  Again, I like motorbike so much, although others who don't like motorbikes keep saying that by buying the bike will cost a lot of money, for me, it is alright if we afford to buy it because ones a person like something, they will not think about what others said, unless if we make it hard by borrowing money from others just to buy the bike.  Hope that one day, I will have my own motorbike with the colour and design I like.