Tuesday, 5 October 2010


The flower petals are opening up,each one more than the other,
The flower will once again blossom in full glory.
Knowing yesterday what will happen to them today made happy.

What am I living for?
Everyone’s crying expressions have become blurry because of the tears.
I definitely will die because of such a small thing,right?

Animals and plants,already know their own life spam when they were born.
Only human are greedy and want to prolong their lives.
Is it okay to be selfish? As I place my hand to my chest,
I can feel my heart beat,I’m so happy that I’m still living.

I had thought if I died that it would be great,I have the same problem as you.
I cried non-stop. At school,I kept on being stared at.
Why did I have to face this?
When I read the article,I know that I’m not the only one who is in pain.
I realised that since I got it,I have always been looking down at the ground.
I want to become strong like others.

From now,even if I’m in pain and cry,
I want to use that kind of feeling to be able to move forwards.
I feel like this because of you.
You said you want to help others right?
When I first met you,I thought if human live or die,it doesn’t matter.
If it’s greed or force,you want me to live on.
Therefore,I want to be alive..


  1. yes dear... urm~ as its about my want me to make one for you? ^_^