Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Morning Light

In front of the school gate,there is a wall.
The morning light dawns upon the wall.
One day,when I look up,the wall will quietly sigh.
This wall represents my disability.
Even if I scream aloud,or cry out,it won’t disappear.

But,at the moment that the sun is shining,
Doesn’t it also shine on this wall?
So,even if it’s me...
It seems like I’ll be able to find it,I’ll go and find it!

To stop my pace and live in the present..
Eventhough there will be a day,that I will lose it,
Isn’t it great that I could pass on a dream that I had to give up?
People shouldn’t dwell on the past,
It’s enough to try your best in all that you’re doing now.
The sounds have become hard to pronounce,
I can only breathe out air instead of saying it.
So,I can’t communicate with others..
Recently,I have been talking to myself a lot.
I didn’t like it before,but to practice pronounce it,I have to do it.
I will not give up on speaking..

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